Historical Commodity Prices

Monthly price series available on the following basis:


  • Blast furnace coke, 12.5% ash, fob China - 1993 to date
  • Blast furnace coke, 11.5/12.5% ash, cfr Indian port - 2003 to date
  • Blast furnace coke, 10.5/11.5% ash, cfr N Europe - 2008 to date
  • Hard coking coal (spot), fob Australia - 2007 to date

Single charge of €200 to receive each historical price series as Excel file.

Also available are price series for foundry and nut coke ("fob China" and "cfr Europe"); anthracite, sized (lump) and unsized (also Europe). Conditions available on request.

Important to Note: The prices shown in Resource-Net's monthly reports are obtained via regular dialogue with industry participants. The ranges shown are representative of transactions over the entire month, so they do not indicate the prices prevailing on the report’s date. Our pricing is not subject to regulatory supervision, so they should not be interpreted as being equivalent to market indices. If any subscribers consider using our prices in sales agreements, they should take note of this fact.

Standard specifications for the prices (coke, anthracite and coking coal) reported by Resource-Net can be obtained from the link:

Resource-Net's Pricing Specifications