About Resource-Net

For more than 20 years, “Resource-Net” has been researching the world markets for metallurgical coke and coal, as well as for anthracite. It can rightly claim to be among the leading sources of market data and intelligence on these commodities!

We offer research reports under paid subscription. The 200+ subscribers located worldwide to our services include:

  • Resource companies;
  • Coke and steel producers;
  • Suppliers of services to the coking industry;
  • Commodity traders and shippers;
  • Consumers of coke and anthracite in the chemical and metallurgical industries;
  • Iron foundries and stone wool producers, consuming foundry coke;
  • Consultants to the steel and other coke-consuming industries;
  • Financial institutions with an interest in coke, metallurgical coal or anthracite.

On this site can be found details of research reports available under paid subscription, as well as how to make contact.

A technical description of coke, metallurgical coal and anthracite

Conditions of supply for research reports of “Resource-Net”

Summary of Metallurgical Coke & Coal Markets - 2023